There are amazing new savings on your store and to help you promote these offers to your clients, we’ve created Marketing materials below that you can share in your practice, on your website and Facebook.

We are dedicated to continually improving the performance of the CAREminder program for your practice, your clients and patients. As a result, some clients may receive different messages or (even better) offers than those shown below, or we may change the dates the emails are sent (though this is rare). There may also be other content in the email not shown here, but as there are as many as a few dozen potential variations of email content, we are only showing the offers here.

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Tuesday, April 3 & Wednesday, April 4

On Tuesday we’ll launch a big One Day Only sale to clients. We’re planning to extend this offer for one day only with a final reminder on Wednesday. Your clients will receive this offer if your practice is opted into at least 1 email per month.
$10 OFF orders over $100 OR $25 OFF orders over $200
Valid: 4/3/18 and 4/4/18

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Tuesday, April 10

This campaign will feature content and products to help your clients get ready for show season. This mailing will be sent if your practice is opted in to at least 4 emails per month.

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Tuesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 19

Both emails in this campaign will include a great three-day-only coupon for your clients, as well as information about improving joint health and additional savings on top products. This campaign will be sent if your practice is opted in to at least 4 emails per month.

$20 off orders over $200
Valid: 4/17/18 – 4/19/18

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Tuesday, April 24

This campaign will provide clients with tips on keeping their horse healthy and a reminder of the exclusive savings available on top products at your practice’s online store. Clients will receive these email if your practice is opted in to at least 3 emails per month.

Remember to promote offers on your Facebook page. We’ve created Facebook images and instructions to make it easy for you to share this great offer with your clients online.