We are excited to announce this month’s client engagement plan! This program (formerly known as Careminders) is designed to keep your clients engaged with your practice and informed of new savings at your online store. To help you promote these campaigns to your clients, we’ve created marketing materials below that you can share in your practice, on your website, and on Facebook.

Your practice, clients and patients are at the center of what we do. In an effort to continually enhance and improve the Client Engagement Communications program, some clients may receive different messages, content, or (even better) offers than those shown below, or we may change send dates (though this is rare). Email content may also change if you have opted out of showing specific brands or categories (e.g. Preventatives) in your communications. Because there can be many potential variations of a single mailing, we are only showing one version here.

Email Version
Facebook Version

Week 1: Tuesday, July 2

This week’s campaign promotes the best instant rebates and savings currently available in your online store.

It will be sent to clients whose practice is opted into 4 or more emails per month.

Email Version
Facebook Version

Weeks 2 and 3: Tuesday, July 9 – Tuesday, July 16

This campaign will be a one week sale starting Tuesday, July 9 and ending Tuesday, July 16. Offer details are as follows:

$35 off orders over $200 with code: COUNTRYSIDE
This offer expires 7/16/19.

Your clients will receive the email on 7/9 if your practice has opted into at least 1 engagement email per month. A Thursday reminder will be sent to those opted into 3+. On the final day, a morning reminder will go out to those opted into 2+ and an evening reminder to 4+.

Week 4: Tuesday, July 23

This week’s campaign will promote several products that are designed to support horses during show season. Instant rebates and free shipping will be highlighted as well.

This will be for clients receiving 4 or more emails per month.

Week 5: Tuesday, July 30

This week’s campaign will feature targeted supplements with AutoShip savings.

This will be for clients receiving 4 or more emails per month.

Remember to promote offers on your Facebook page. We’ve created Facebook images and instructions to make it easy for you to share this great offer with your clients online.