We work closely with our manufacturer partners to provide competitive pricing in an effort to make your offering attractive to clients, while also driving more profit to the practice. Recently, we worked with Royal Canin to update pricing on many products. These changes went into effect on February 4th 2019.

In addition, to ensure Royal Canin is able to continuously invest in innovation backed by industry-leading science, Royal Canin implemented a price increase on many of their diets and reduced the AutoShip discount from 15% to 10% for new and existing AutoShip subscriptions. These changes are reflected in the new pricing.

  • Covetrus has reduced our Service fees for all Royal Canin sales on the Vets First Choice platform to 15%.
  • Covetrus ensures 13% margin to practices for all Royal Canin online sales.
  • Covetrus will reflect MSRP pricing on all Royal Canin Prescription Skus (this is not applicable to OTC Diets)

To learn more about the additional pricing changes, click here.

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