There are amazing new savings on your store and to help you promote these offers to your clients, we’ve created marketing materials below that you can share in your practice, on your website, and on Facebook.

We are dedicated to continually improving the performance of the Careminder program for your practice, clients, and patients. As a result, some clients may receive different messages, content, or (even better) offers than those shown below, or we may change the dates the emails are sent (though this is rare). Because there can be many potential variations of a single mailing, we are only showing one version here.

Email Version
Facebook Version

Wednesday, September 5

This week’s campaign features an assortment of quality products available in your online store, along with instant rebates and free shipping.

Your clients will receive this email if your practice is opted in to 4+ emails per month.

Email Version
Facebook Version

Tuesday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 18

We’ve added an exciting One Week Sale this month, and your clients won’t want to miss it!

NonBuyers: $35 off $200 with code: SUNSET35
Buyers: $25 off $200 with code: SUNSET25

Offers expire on 9/18/18.

If your practice is opted into 1 email per month, your clients will receive a One Day Only version of the campaign on Monday, 9/18. If 2 emails per month, mailings will go out on 9/11 and 9/18. If 3+, mailings will go out on 9/11, 9/13 and 9/18.

Email Version
Facebook Version

Tuesday, September 25

On Tuesday we’ll launch a One Day Sale featuring a $40 off coupon.

Buyers and NonBuyers: $40 off $200 with code: SAVE40

This campaign will be sent if your practice is opted into at least 4 emails per month.

Remember to promote offers on your Facebook page. We’ve created Facebook images and instructions to make it easy for you to share this great offer with your clients online.